anti-Nazi anti-brainwashing group seeking historical accounts to expose brainwashing ploy geared to promoting pro-eugenics anti-socialist thinking

The anti-Nazi group is seeking historical accounts to expose a widespread brainwashing plot geared towards promoting pro-eugenics anti-socialist thinking, and also welcomes "RINOS", "CINOS" and "cucks" to join the party.

The group claims that rogue elements within security agencies of Western nations and allies have been working together with a large pool of spooks, many of whom enslaved by this very same pro-eugenics anti-socialist subversion, to basically blackmail media and politicians out of responding to the threat with anything more than the vaguest of innuendo.

The project aims to collect 50,000 identifiable experiences before turning towards advocacy for anti-brainwashing education to be incorporated into curriculum in Canadian provinces. Organizers insist that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" and that "we are not unblemished, but we try", also suggesting that "we should not let the good be the enemy of the perfect". The hodgepodge band of thinkers also proclaim "GET A WARRANT IF YOU WANT TO READ MY MAIL!". They are welcoming historical documentation from United States citizens and other nationals, although these will not count towards the 50,000 Canadian target.

Claiming inspiration from the mad ramblings of a long-lost tradition, the group promotes the delusion that we may one day achieve "peace on earth and good will towards all men", and are known for angry rants that "all things are bright and beautiful".

Download the Glossary of terms relating to brainwashing and psychological warfare in the electronic age (May 2017 192 page pdf or Feb 2018 12 page pamphlet pdf)
Download Form for reporting organized stalking, electronic harassment and remote neural monitoring (or open html in browser now) (Jul 2017 draft)
Download Wifi and cellular signal length forming electromagnetic bath (Apr 2017; 1 page pdf)
Download Examining a professional witness who seeks to discredit a complainant as "delusional" (May 2016 edition; 4 page pdf)

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